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Helping top talent manage their careers and lead the lives they want

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Stellares helps top talent manage their careers, introducing them to exciting opportunities beyond their network

Benefits of Stellares to talent we represent

  • Your own personal agent to help you navigate your career

  • Introduce you to tailored-fit career opportunities outside of your network

  • Provide unique insights to help you choose between opportunities

  • Help you think about how to best materialize your career goals, whether currently job searching or not

  • Help you align your passions with your professional life

  • Negotiate on your behalf, or guide you through negotiations

  • A text message away, to help with everything career-related (offer career advice, earn you speaking engagements, ...)

  • It's free

How it works

Step 1

Chat with the bot

Chat with the bot about your ideal career-life, and the opportunities you’d love to see.

Step 2

Explore tailor-fit opportunities

Explore tailor-fit opportunities based on your interests, learning goals, fit with future boss & team, fair comp, and desired work-life balance

Step 3

Get warm introductions

Get warm introductions to the founders or managers at the companies you’re interested in.